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ARAE and FEARA Regattas

In its 150 year, Madras Boat Club will be hosting 75th ARAE Regatta on its waters. It is a historic event for the club and for the Regatta.

Brief History of ARAE 

The Sport of Rowing is by no means new to the East. The foundation of the Calcutta Rowing Club took place in 1858 and Madras Boat Club in 1867. By the end of 19th century there were flourishing rowing clubs in many of the Principal Cities of the East. On account of the distances, Interclub regattas were practically far and few. In July 1929, L. H. Macklin of the Calcutta Rowing Club spoke of his vision of an Eastern Henley. The seed took roots and less than four years later blossomed into the Amateur Rowing Association of the East.

The Founder members of the Association were- The Bombay Gymkhana Club, The Calcutta Rowing Club, The Karachi Boat Club, The Madras Boat Club, The Rangoon Boat Club and the Royal Connaught Boat Club. There are today more than 14 affiliated clubs from India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Hong Kong and UAE.


The first regatta was held at Poona in 1933, Fours was won by the Madras Boat Club and it is on record that a ‘Pair Oared Race’ was held, was also won by Madras Boat Club. In 1935, the then Viceroy, H. E. the Earl of Willingdon, presented the Association with its first Challenge Trophy for "Coxed Four Oared" race. In the same year a trophy for "Pair Oars" was presented by the then Chairman of the ARAE Mr. A. V. Venables of Calcutta and a "Sculling Trophy” was presented by Mr. L. H. Macklin also of Calcutta.

The Hooghly Cup was presented to the Association in 1956 by Calcutta Rowing Club as an additional Trophy for overall team Championship.

The Far Eastern Amateur Rowing Association (FEARA) was started in 1954 by Clubs in the Far East i.e., Hong Kong, Manila etc. For many years, FEARA held their independent regattas. Around the turn of the century, ARAE and FEARA merged to hold a common regatta for the clubs of the East and Far East. The ARAE is a Open category Regatta for Men and Women while and FEARA is for Masters (35 and above) and Super Master (50 and above for Men / 40 and above for Women).

Trophies :

Willingdon Rowing Trophy - for the Four Oared Racing (Men 4+)

Venables Trophy - for the Coxswain less Pairs Event (Men 2-)

Macklin Silver Challenge - for the Single Scull Event (Men 1x)

Hoogly Cup - to the most successful club

Adyar Cup - overall Women’s team

At the end of ARAE / FEARA, crews of participating clubs mix and row for Baird’s Trophy. Baird’s Trophy is an easy oars event allowing crew from various clubs to row together in the same boat. This event is followed by a sumptuous lunch to bring the curtains down.

Regatta schedule
Wednesday, 11th January, 2017
7:00 AM – 12:00 Noon Practice sessions
8:00 AM Ergometer competition (Open Men and Women) – 1000 mtrs
4:00 PM Inauguration of Regatta
6:00 PM Team Managers meet
8:00 PM Cocktail and Dinner
Thursday, 12th January, 2017
7:00 AM onwards Heats and repechage
Friday, 13th January, 2017
7:00 AM onwards Repechage and Semi-final
8:00 PM ARAE Dinner
Saturday, 14th January, 2017
7:00 AM onwards Bronze finals
2:30 PM onwards Finals
5:00 PM Prize distribution
9:00 PM Regatta dinner and dance
Sunday, 15th January, 2017
10:00 AM onwards Baird’s Trophy and Curry Lunch