Rowing Rules


Morning Session - 6.00 a.m to 9.00 a.m.

Evening Session - 4.00 p.m to 6.30 p.m.

Timings are subject to change, based on light conditions. All activity after 6 p.m. to be restricted to home waters (i.e) between Kotturpuram bridge and the MRTS bridge.

Night Rowing: On Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, rowing is permitted for senior rowers until 8 p.m except in the single sculls.


White T-shirts, and shorts of any colour (small logos of a different colour would be permitted).

Club/State/University/India colours may row in the colour(s) awarded to them.

Dark colour Club/State/University/India t-shirts may not be permitted after 5.30 p.m.


Every rower shall strictly adhere to the safety guidelines advised from time to time by the Captain / Committee. Please read the safety policy on the rowing notice board for information. It is mandatory to sign the duly filled in rowing indemnity form.


Knowledge of swimming is an essential pre-requisite for rowing. All rowers are required to undergo a swimming competency test before taking to the waters. Those who fail to meet the minimum requirement, will not be allowed use of single sculls/coxless boats. In case you are diffident of handling a single scull, life jackets are available.


In the event of a boat capsizing the nearest boat(s) (unless you are a novice), must immediately proceed to the capsize site and stay with the rower till help arrives. If your boat has capsized, do not panic. Hold on to the boat and await the arrival of the rescue boat.

Do not attempt to get back into the boat on your own or try to swim ashore even if you find yourself close to the bank. Please note that some stretches of the river, especially near the madras club, are over 15 feet deep.

Always ensure that your feet are in a position to be released in the event of a capsize. Avoid strapping your feet too tightly or using extra straps. This will ensure easy release of your feet, allowing you to surface and hang on to the boat.

These rules have been framed in the best interests of all rowers. Your safety is of prime importance to us and we solicit your strict compliance.


Every rower shall take out only those boats that they have specifically been permitted to use by the Captain of Boats.


It is mandatory to record every outing in the "Log book" provided for the purpose with details duly filled in. The "out" time is the time you take the boat out of the raft. The "in" time is the time when you return to the raft and should be entered before signing off.


Rules of the river must be strictly adhered to. Boats must stay inside of the buoys while proceeding upstream and on the outside while coming downstream. Always stay within the lane and ensure that right of way is given to senior boats / crews in training.

All rowers on the water must ensure that they check their course periodically. Do not take it for granted that a boat in your way will always move out in time. In the event of a boat heading towards you, a loud boat ahead warning shout must be given at the earliest.

In the event of a clash, the matter must be reported to the head lascar /coach and Captain, and recorded in the rowing register with details of the incident.

Please note that only senior rowers and those specifically permitted by the Captain, can go beyond the bridges on either side of the club, provided they return to home waters not later than 6 p.m.

Even senior scullers/those permitted by the Captain are cautioned not to proceed beyond St. Patrick's / Old tower block, unless accompanied by another boat.

Beginners in single sculls must restrict their rowing to the waters between Madras Club and Alumini Club only.


Before proceeding on water always check your oar locks and ensure that they are fully secured. If the plastic buoyancy tank lids are missing, do not use the boat. Enter a complaint in the LOG BOOK.

Equipment are expensive and fragile. It is necessary to handle the boats and oars with the utmost care.